Project Entropy Log

Whitepaper [ work in progress ]

DAO Ethereum Planning Governance

18 April, 2017

We've roughly drafted our whitepaper, feedback and suggestions more than welcome!

Entropy Whitepaper WIP Doc (Live)

Lighting the Campfire

News Community

07 April, 2017

We currently work on getting our community forum up and running on a decentralized platform. For that we’re using the amazing Secure Scuttlebutt , which is great new tool, in part designed for offshore and patchy internet use.

As we believe that decentralized, unstoppable and incorruptible information exchange is important for an equal and fair future, we want to provide the same for everyone at Entropy.

Secure Scuttlebutt is a p2p crypto-chain designed for social apps. You only receive messages from people you follow, and people who are one step away from those you follow. Secure messages are broadcast to everyone, so not only are they secure, but their recipients are known to no one except those involved.

This system is especially interesting as it allows for updating messages outside of internet access as users can synchronise messages on the same wifi network, ideal for a boat!

Until then we’ll have to deal with the centralised behemoth of twitter

DAO Testing Rollout Plan

News dApp

07 April, 2017

Waved Beta Rollouts & Upper Funding Limit

It's fundamentally important that we manage the creation, trust and safety of Entropy as it comes to life.

Our proposed staged rollout plan involves building and testing the bare minimum necessary to evolve the project in slow, explicityly controlled waves with set funding limits, community review of all changes and citizen control over when we progres to the next wave.

Wave 1: New Horizon

Minimal Viable Entropy

This wave sees us bootstrap the community, start testing ideas and confirm the projects foundations are good. Limits are in place to keep the number of Citizens, invested Ether and risk to safer levels.

Safety Limits

  • Population Limit: 300 Citizens
  • Funding limit: 300 eth

Built Parts

  • Discounted pioneer-Citizenship
  • Rewards
  • Funds available to build the next stage
  • "New Contract" Action to move to Wave 2 when ready


  • Bring aboard our first Citizens
  • Grow the Guardians
  • Crowd test both this wave and the next
  • Begin development of Wave 2

Wave 2: Wet Feet

Starting to Walk

Once the community consensus that we are ready is reached, this wave adds additional power to Actions, including sending ether; changes to the Steering Committee and revoking existing desciscions.

Safety Limits

  • Population Limit: 1,000 Citizens
  • Funding limit: 2,000 eth

Built Parts

  • Action system
  • Citizenship
  • Commitee changes
  • Adding spending to Actions


  • Ready the fleet
  • Booking system to come aboard
  • Crowd test both this wave and the next
  • Begin development of Wave 3

Wave 3: Cast off

Setting Sail

Once we have safe, stable governance we can take a historic step sailing onto the world's oceans and inspiring generations to come.

Safety Limits

  • Population Limit: 10,000 Citizens
  • Funding limit: 20,000 eth

Built Parts

  • Foundations for a full distributed governence society


  • First Citizens aboard
  • First incubated projects aboard
  • Change the world forever