DAO Generator

We're entering an age where people can gather around an idea and make things happen, together.

Things are still quite complicated, so we'd like to make it really easy for others to set up projects similar to Entropy itself.

Entropy Contracts

Status: 60% Complete

Entropy Delta Printer / Mini Mill

Based off the JKeep RoStock modified design - we've designed a quick release multi purpose holder which can attach tools for extruding clay, plastic or to hold a cutting tool.

The next stage is to get things working with recycled plastic from the ocean.

Thingiverse Makita Trimmer Router Holder

Thingiverse Delta Printer Extrusion Holder (JKeep Version)

Status: 80% Complete

Recycled Battery Marine Propulsion

Using reclaimed laptop batteries, together with wind & solar energy - we aim to make the Entropy fleet move with 0 carbon impact.

Status: Concept