The Entropy DAO

Entropy is built ontop of an experimental but simple DAO structure designed to balance a real world project with the benefits of crowd wisdom and blockchain transparency

Illustration DecisionFlow V02As part of the community, you can have a say in everything that needs to be organised: Route Events like workshops Purchases and Repairs Administration like guardianship membersThe Log Book is there to document what is happening on the boat and events. It will be filled with videos, live stream, photos or blog posts.The Action Stream is the “To Do List” of Project Entropy Accepted items that had a cost attached will release that amount to the Slush PoolBecome part of the community with an Entropy TokenAdd ideas for the Project to work towards toAnd vote on all proposed ideas The proposals become items on our Action Stream The Guardians documentaccomplished items in the Log BookThe funds from this help run EntropyFor a suggestion to pass, it will need at least 6 votes to be cast on and the majority need to have voted in favour of the suggestion.Nothing gets lost on the blockchain. Declined suggestions are easily accessible in an archive

Community 🏡

Citizens 👬 hold the following rights:

  • A single Vote on every created Action 💡
  • Creating Actions 💡
  • Guardian 💂 nomination

Anyone can become a Citizen 🏃 by obtaining and holding one or more Entropy Tokens 🍪

The individuality of citizens is confirmed by the guardians, once it is confirmed they become Trusted Citizens 👭

Trusted Citizens 👭 hold equal voting rights to all trusted individuals in the Entropy Community, they are able to suggest any Action 💡 for discussion and vote. These Actions 💡 can be anything at all, from destinations to sail to, events, changes to the mission itself and changes to the Guardians 💂

Guardians 💂

Guardians 💂 take on the responsibility to fulfil and document everything within the Action Stream 📋 as organised by and voted on by the wider community.

They have, in addition to the rights of all Citizens 🏃, 💰 by the community voting as a whole.

Guardians are also able to mark Citizens as trusted, allowing for a human-based proof of individuality system.

Any Citizen 🏃 can be elected to be a Guardian 💂 by an accepted Action 💡

Guardians are accountable to the wider community and can, if needs be, be unelected by a successful Action against them.

Actions and Funds 💡 💰

Any Citizen 🏃 can propose a new Action 💡

All Actions 💡 can be voted on by the entire community for 5 days.

For an Action 💡 to be accepted, it must have more than 50% approval and at least as many votes as there are Guardian 💂 members (although voting is open to all Citizens 👪).

After this period accepted Actions 💡 will be added to the Action Stream 📋 until they are marked as complete by one of the Guardians 💂

Declined Actions 💡 will be dismissed to the Archive ♻️

The Action Stream 📋 represents what the community is currently aiming to achieve.

Any funds associated with Actions 💡 in the Action Stream 📋 become available in the Slush Pool 💰 for the Guardians 💂 to use towards making those Actions 💡 happen.

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