How to get involved

🌎 Tribe

Join the discussion, say hello, visit the fleet for tea or coffee

Rocket Chat Map

🗺 Ideas & Navigation

Suggest or vote on destinations, ideas and projects, together with helping resolve problems the fleet faces.

🙋 Volunteering

Offer to come aboard and help sail, run events or maintain the fleet

✨ Koha

Helping the project survive by donating your time, tools & parts, food, accommodation or Ether

💰 Sponsorship

Buy some space on the sail for your brand or message

🌱 Building

Build your idea aboard with a small team as the fleet roams around the world

Mailing List

Secure Scuttlebutt

We're also in the #project-entropy channel on patchwork , which runs on the secure scuttlebutt crypto chain distributed peer to peer offgrid network, designed in part for use in marine and other offline internet situations.

Scuttlebutt allows the fleet to stay connected with one another even when outside of network coverage.

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