Project Entropy is a floating experiment powered by Ethereum

We're launching a community steered fleet of sailing hackspaces, starting with a crowd-owned boat that sails around the world

global community

All entropy contributors are citizens of a experimental micronation without centralised government. Citizens can suggest new aims and destinations for the project. Everyone has the option to vote on everything the fleet is aiming for - destinations sailed towards, ideas built and projects helped

Growing projects aboard

Entropy is about being creative, manually and digitally, prototyping and bringing cool projects to life.

The fleet carries a hackspace, free to be used to learn, build prototypes and repair or create useful things for other groups to use anything from p2p protocols to solarpunk water recyclers

you decide where Entropy goes

We want to tell the story of the boat without a captain.

Entropy is growing into a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) with a global community at its heart. Among other things you can suggest and vote on the destinations of the Entropy Flotilla


Entropy is a self organised project. Any contributor or supporter becomes a part of it. Support it by building it, making it safer, easier and faster, or with ether during the crowdfund.

Join our community and learn how you can become a part of Entropy now.

Token getname
Have your name written on the boat, among all other citizens
Token comeaboard
Come aboard and help sail the boats in the Entropy fleet around the world
Token incubator
Float ideas to the onboard incubator, grow projects onboard
Token route
Direct the fleet, suggest where we go and what we do there


Lucas 1

Lucas Tauil De Freitas

Weaver, journalist and group interaction specialist with 15 years experience circumnavigating



Tudor 2

Tudor Georgescu

Hacker of OpenSource, planter of trees, grower of beard

Helena 1

Helena Teichrib

Creative Designer, Idealist and Treehugger

Joran rain

Joran Kikke

Technology architect, maker, mild anarchist and civilization skeptic

Kian 1

Kian Mehrabi

Teacher and Freelance Thinker